Intern Videos and Testimonials

Testimonials from 2019 Interns

"I gained skills and knowledge that I never would have in a classroom setting, and everyone has treated me as if I have been working at JFC for years.  I loved networking with individuals all over Cleveland that I likely would have never had the chance to meet if not for the Hillel immersion days.  I am sad to see my internship come to an end and will be forever grateful to everyone that made this experience possible!”

        - Jenny Sieger

“This summer I did a data analytics internship at Factor Finders. Throughout the summer, I gained many skills through hands on experiences, including extensive work with data analysis reports and search engine optimization. My presentation and public speaking skills improved throughout my time at Factor Finders. Immersion days were some of my favorite days of the summer, and they helped me explore and learn about parts of Cleveland that I haven’t ever experienced. These exploration days allowed me to see Cleveland as a place where I could see myself coming back to after.

        -Alexis Hirsch

“My experience in the Cleveland Hillel Summer Internship Program has been amazing – from networking with my peers from different colleges, to speaking with professionals, and learning real life job skills. My internship provided many skills to use in my post graduate life, such as communicating with potential buyers, Excel skills, and using Amazon Marketplace to help get clients break into the e-commerce market. Further, immersion days provided me a time to talk to other interns and network, while exploring Cleveland and all it has to offer – most of which I have not heard about before or haven’t taken the time to check out.”

        - Justin Dubin

"The Summer Internship Program provided an amazing opportunity to explore Cleveland. I enjoyed this part of the program because it allowed me to create a better connection to my hometown. Going on walking tours, visiting museums, and hearing speakers allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for Cleveland while having fun. Beyond gaining a deeper connection to Cleveland, I was able to meet new people and create new career and personal relationships.”

        - Maya Granot