Intern Videos and Testimonials

Testimonials from 2021 Interns

I gained a variety of new skills including patience, attention to detail, and professionalism. It was especially cool and special to have a day each week to gather virtually with my SIP cohort to learn about different neighborhoods of Cleveland, community resources and receive career coaching. I loved growing up in Cleveland, but incorrectly assumed that it was a boring place for young adults without much going on. Before SIP, I thought I would maybe move back to Cleveland once I was married and ready to start a family, but through the lunch and learn sessions and immersion days, I realized Cleveland also has a lot to offer the young professional world!  Therefore, I am especially grateful to have been a SIP intern this summer, and I am confident that I will reap the benefits of this internship for years to come.

- Shira Laserson, University of Maryland, The Jewish Federation of Cleveland in the marketing communication department



This summer, I interned at Kimball E. Rubin & Associates, which is an accounting firm. Although my major is not accounting or business, I learned so much through working there and I gained many new, important skills. I learned how to complete projects on time, manage my time, write checks, and organize documents.

 I did not realize how much I do not know about Cleveland, the city I have lived in my entire life, until participating in Immersion Days and lunch-and-learns. I really liked when we had these days because I learned so much about my hometown and the different attractions around Cleveland.

Thank you to Cleveland Hillel and its donors for giving me this amazing opportunity this summer, I am incredibly grateful!

- Anna Yefimov, Kent State University, Kimball E. Rubin & Associates

My experience working at KERA was invaluable. This summer my project was to revamp the contact database for the company, a tedious task, which taught me to take my time to ensure accuracy and adding extensive, important details.  The professional experience I gained from this internship helped me learn to productively tackle the challenge head on. Although I do have family connections in Cleveland, living independently in a new city was definitely my biggest challenge, as I needed to create my own social network.  Learning about Cleveland through both the immersion day programming and personal outings helped me get to know the city much more intimately than reading about it online or hearing it from someone else. Now I can’t wait to return!

 - Joshua Brunnlehrman, Columbia University, Kimball E Rubin & Associates

A new skill that I learned from the internship is how to effectively and efficiently transfer information from a source into an Excel Sheet. Another skill I also learned is how to obtain credible information, for example one needs to go to the manufacturer’s site for accurate information, rather that the retailer.

This internship taught me a lot about the corporate and small business landscape of Cleveland. Through SIP immersion days, I familiarized myself with new-to-me communities in Cleveland, such as Hingetown and Lakewood.

Obtaining an internship during the pandemic was a more challenging that I had expected, and I’m glad that Cleveland Hillel was there as a resource to help support my job search, with a robust employer database. The experiences and skills learned from Levin Consulting will help me be more successful in future positions.

- Ben Corbin, The Ohio State University, Levin Consulting