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SIP Employer Testimonials


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Testimonials from SIP Employers

   “We consider the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program a real plus as we grow our organization. As a matter of practice, ELA encourages a growth mindset and development of self; we have found great success with the quality students you send our way. They join us and strengthen our team.”

     -Sue Zawacki, Director of Operations, Effective Leadership Academy-



      “Envision Networks has been a Hillel Summer Internship supporter and employer for 10 years.  We originally supported the program to engage the next generation in our company and our community.  We wanted to share our experience of starting and growing a business in Cleveland, hoping to showcase possible career paths that may not be known to college students.  Along the way we met and worked with many talented students that were able to learn the business of radio syndication as well as the skills necessary to transition from college to the professional world.  Our company personnel benefited from the opportunity to teach and work with students from varied backgrounds, our company also benefited from real work that was completed each day.  The program has grown in the last 10 years not only in numbers, but in programming offered to the interns outside of their employment.  Along with many other initiatives in Northeast Ohio, the Hillel Summer Internship Program is an important vehicle to attract young professionals to our city and showcase all that is available to them as they are considering their occupation and geographical choices after graduation.”

        -Laura Orkin, Chief Operations Officer, Envision Networks-



      “In the past our interns have been able to work on litigation cases with our case managers, investigators, paralegals and attorneys.  They have been able to handle tasks involved in investigating potential cases, doing product and corporate research, reviewing documents and video related to the case, reviewed medical records, prepared summaries, assisted witness preparation, worked with experts and assist us with anything related to preparation of a case for trial, and litigation support during trial.

       I was very fortunate to host and train two Hillel interns this summer.  There have been so many times in the last two months that I had wished that the inters were still with our firm.  It was valuable to have their assistance daily to help us move our cases through the litigation process timely.

       We are looking forward to hosting another intern during the summer!”

        -Tamara Brininger, Paralegal & Community Initiatives Coordinator at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy-

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