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hillel at cleveland state university


Welcome to Hillel at Cleveland State University!

Hillel at Cleveland State University brings students learning opportunities and social interactions as well as cultural, educational and religious programs.


Hillel at CSU involves students in multicultural and multi- faith activity. Speakers are hosted on campus to educate about Israel and Jewish history and culture. Holiday celebrations enable students to learn about Judaism. Programming is on campus during the day and in the community in the evening and on weekends.

CSU Hillel celebrates Judaism through programs centered around:

  • Shabbat and Holidays 

  • Israel advocacy, culture, birthright and leadership trips

  • Community service and Tikkun Olam 

  • Social, arts, and cultural events 

  • Engaging new students 

  • Jewish identity and education 

  • Multi cultural and multi religious relations

At CSU Hillel we also:

  • Represent Jewish customs, heritage, and interests to the campus community

  • Develop the leaders of tomorrow's Jewish community

  • Cultivate a pluralistic Jewish community and identity on campuses

  • Enrich Jewish students so they can enrich the Jewish People and the world

  • Partner with the colleges and universities to recruit more Jewish students

  • Bring added value to campus life and creating community on campus and in Cleveland

Hillel Student Board at Cleveland State University

The CSU Student Board hosts weekly tabling in the Student Center. For information on upcoming Hillel events and student board meetings, stop by the Hillel table Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:30am - 1:00pm. In addition, the Student Board collaborates with other student organizations to host social, cultural, and religious events on campus. 

​For more information on Jewish student life at CSU contact Sarah Foster


​For more information on overall student life at CSU click here:

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