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student leadership opportunities

Cleveland Hillel hosts many creative and exciting student organizations, and it is our student leaders who make these organizations successful!


The student leaders of Hillel provide programs on a religious, social, educational, and cultural basis.


Student leaders coordinate everything from small group discussions to large-scale programs for their peers.


To see what student leadership opportunities are available to you, please click on your campus:


If your campus isn't listed by name, contact Jill for more information! 

Hillel Undergraduate Student Boards

If you are interested in attending student board meetings at your campus or running for a board position, find your campus here


Students are encouraged to participate in local, regional, national, and international conferences that are organized by Hillel or any other Jewish organization. These conferences help develop knowledge of the Jewish community, issues that are being faced, and networking opportunities. Travel and registration subsidies are available.


For questions or more information contact us today.

Leadership Trips

Cleveland Hillel works with Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life to send students to Israel on birthright and other leadership programs, within the United States on social justice trips to repair the world, and to other countries to learn about their culture and society.


For questions or more information contact us today.

Volunteering on Campus and in the Community

Cleveland Hillel organizes volunteering opportunities for individual students and groups both on campus and in the community. Among the different efforts, students have raised money for different organizations, been involved in blood donation drives and Gift of Life events, organized carnivals for senior citizens, and tutored school children. Information about these are posted on the web site as they are planned.


For questions or more information contact us today. 


Student members of the Cleveland Hillel Foundation Board of Directors

Every academic year 6-8 undergraduate or graduate students are appointed to the Cleveland Hillel Board of Directors. These students are voting members of the board, help assure that the organization is fulfilling its mission, and provide a student perspective on the issues the organization is facing.


For questions or more information contact us today.


Graduating? What next?

Incoming seniors are invited to become part of a unique opportunity to transition into the post college world. The goal of the program is to enhance your experience while studying and training here in Cleveland and having a smoother transition into the work world. This initiative includes the possibility of being mentored by a Cleveland professional in your field of study and networking with the Jewish community.


In addition to these, each participant will be individually coached, and the group will implement a volunteer project. These responsibilities enable you to grow personally and professionally. During the program you will also learn about the general community, the Jewish community, career paths, and how to best present yourself.

For further questions or to apply for this unique opportunity download the application and send it to

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