Do you have an idea that can make CWRU an even better place for students?

Hillel Idea Lab Logo 2021 Final Reverse.jpg

Explore your passions 


Invest in your dreams 

Build your community



1) What is it?

  • Hillel Idea Lab is an Ongoing opportunity for undergraduate change-makers at CWRU to launch awesome initiatives that enhance campus life based on a personal passion or interest with Hillel’s support.


  • As an Innovator you will have access to leadership Mentoring and project development support. You will be connected with a social network of like-minded students from diverse social, community, and religious backgrounds.


  • Hillel Idea Lab is a safe and equitable space and is open to students of all academic backgrounds and levels of experience. 

2) What you get


  • As an Innovator of the Idea Lab you will receive access to ongoing support and/or mentors invested in your personal growth and the success of your project and resources to cultivate your passions.

  • During your Idea Lab experience, you will have access to seed funding to make your idea a reality and launch your project.


3) Who you are & what you bring to the table


  • Hillel Idea Lab Innovators are passionate, fun, able to think outside the box, and care deeply about an issue in our community.


  • You are a self-starter who is interested in collaboration and wants to grow as a person and as a leader.


  • You have a passion or idea- big or small, complete or incomplete- and will work hard to make it happen.


  • You will bring creativity and a willingness to try new things.


  • You are not afraid of taking risks because you see the value in learning from both successes and constructive failures. 


  • Hillel Idea Lab is a unique hands-on experience where you can advance and explore your personal and professional goals.

  • Join us to invest in your ideas and make our community a better place!

Examples of projects:

  • Create an ongoing volunteer opportunity that increases food accessibility in University Circle 

  • Mobilize a group of students to promote coexistence 

  • Lead a group about issues surrounding local gentrification and create a program to fight it

  • Organize a campus wellness or women’s health campaign

  • Start a book club to learn about racial justice and run a campaign on campus based on what you learned

  • Build an app that enhances the campus experience

  • *insert your great idea here*

5) How do I apply / Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • Idea Lab projects and ideas are welcome throughout the year!